Miss Job's Daughters Scholarship Pageant

Congratulations to all of the contestants of the 
Miss Job's Daughter's Scholarship Pageant!

Images from the pageant are now available for viewing and purchase.

The gallery is password protected. 
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2013 Round Up

Holy Moly...I have no idea where the last half of 2013 went. So many great changes in my life during the past 6 months, which left me with not much time to shoot. But I did get a few in!

First up is Andrea and Giovanni's cute save-the-date shoot. We headed out to Long's Park, drank some wine, and had some fun in a tunnel.


Tina and I graduated college together, so when I found out she was preggers, I just had to set up a shoot!



Ashlyn and Darin met me in a quiet little park. The lighting was absolutely perfect, and Ashlyn was willing to do some stretchy fabric shots, which couldn't have turned out better!


Not too long after that shoot, little baby Wren Paisley made her appearence! I hopped on over to hang with the new mommy and sweet 11-day old Wren. Such a cutie pie. I cannot wait for her 3 month shoot!


I hope you had a splendid holiday season, and I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings!

<3 Jenny B


Ashlyn + Darin :: Expecting

I had a ton of fun with Ashlyn and Darrin during this shoot. Their little girl is about 34 weeks in these photographs. I cannot wait to meet little Wren!

<3 Jenny B


vacay pics & job news

About a month ago, myself, the beau and my good friends C + J jumped into my little red Hundai and traveled southwest to Natural Bridge, Va.  It was a super splendid time, got some great pictures, and relaxed. 

Day 1 - We hit up Foam Henge....it's like Stone Henge, but made outta foam. 

When we drove up the hill, there were gianorams puddles that I wasn't going to risk putting my car in, so we had to walk.

All 4 of us!

Here's my car at the top of the hill where we couldn't wade through the water.

Day 2 - The sky looked like it might start raining any second, but we took our chances and headed to the drive-thru safari park.

Camels will eat your buckets, so don't be cheap, buy 2 buckets of food and save one for after the first round of camels!

After seeing all the animals, we headed back to our cabin for some grilling and fun times by the fire.

Day 3 - Time to drive back home. But before we got home, we wanted to see some of the highs and lows of Virgina. First up was Skyline Drive.

After Skyline, we went under ground into the caverns.

This is definitely on my list of top 10 vacations I have ever taken. We will definitely be taking more trips!


In other news, I have started a new job. I am working for a photo printing lab in the mounting deptartment. Don't worry! I am still available for shoots!  This is just another step deeper into my photography career, and I appreciate everyone who has stood by me and helped me over the past few years! Without you, I would be nothing.

<3 Jenny B